Top 4 Discontinued Timepieces

Patek Phillipe 5711/1A White Dial

Patek Phillipe has always been a highly admired asset among the watch community due to their low numbers of production and difficulty to posses from manufactures. This watch in particular is considered a gem among collectors. The watch features a 40.5mm stainless steel case, white dial with luminescent hour markers, brushed stainless steel bezel and is coupled to a stainless steel bracelet. Another outstanding feature of this timepiece is the astonishing increase in value since it’s release in 2019. The original price was just under £26,000 and now for a used one, you’re looking at about £75,000-£80,000 depending on the condition.

Rolex GMT Master-II “Coke”

This luxury sports watch features a famous black and red bezel, paired with the black dial to compliment the red, which results in an excellent eye-catching finish. Due to this model being a discontinued piece, it really makes for a good investment opportunity. The ref. 16710 are highly admired among collectors due to its history, the “Pepsi” from this range is also featured on this list because of their characteristics among the watch community. The GMT Master-II has many features that influence popularity and preference to collectors such as the nifty nicknames. Another fun nickname it has acquired is the Rolex “Fat Lady” due to the thickness of the GMT-Master II.

Rolex Submariner “Hulk”

This timepiece previously featured as one of our “best investments of 2020” it continues to sore in popularity throughout the watch community do to its favourable features. The striking green bezel along with the dark green dial sure does make this an eye-catching timepiece, this colour is seen as the staple for Rolex which also influences more attraction to watch collectors. Due to it’s increase of more than double the initial retail cost, the “Hulk” has caught the eye of many collectors around the world as it is increasing in rarity and value as you’re reading this. 

Rolex GMT Master-II “Pepsi”

From the same production line as the “Coke”, this timepiece is very popular within the watch community. It was first commissioned in the 1950s and was designed for aviation. Due to the increase in flight distances, there was a high demand for watches that could simultaneously tell the time in two different parts of the world, therefore Rolex built it with an additional hand that could be set to a secondary time zone. By the 1980s, the watch had been developed into the GMT Master II.

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