Richard Mille RM011-03 Flyback Chronograph Red Quartz

Here is an in depth look at the Richard Mille RM011-03 and the interesting specifications behind this timepiece.

Restyling is a crucial element in the lifecycle of any product. A watch has to possess vitality and be integrated within the natural stylistic development of a brand. A fixture of the Richard Mille collection since 2007, the RM 011 took its bows. Retiring at the height of its glory, it made way for the RM 11-03 Automatic Flyback Chronograph. 

Since the brand’s debut, Richard Mille watches have distilled performance in an unparalleled range of areas. To appreciate this, one must look no further than the RM011.

The guiding principle for Richard Mille behind the RM011-03 was to imbue the new automatic RMAC3 calibre with a 3D quality and to bring its complexity visually to the fore.

This RM011-03 in particular is a perfect example of Richard Mille’s excellent engineering.  Ranging from the carbon case to the signature deployment buckle clasp, this timepiece is one of the most exclusive and unique pieces we have ever stocked. The reason we express the rarity of this product is because the Richard Mille RM 11-03 Red Quartz FQ TPT watch is a limited-edition of 50 pieces and has a retail price of $173,500 USD (£125,000). 

The low number in production has caused a high demand of this watch across the world especially due to the materials used. This is because a lot of Male watch collectors that have introduced Richard Mille to their collection are not allowed to wear precious materials such as gold and platinum as well as precious gems which are forbidden due to their religion. Therefore, many of Richard Mille’s watches are crafted without using such materials. Instead, the shire quality, rarity and craftsmanship of the products are what makes for the price tag. 

Back on the topic of this watch in particular, let’s take a further look into the features and functionality. The RM011 family goes back more than a decade and is based on the RMAC3 movement, which is simple by Richard Mille standards but scores high in terms of practicality. This RM011-03 features a 49.94 x 44.50mm carbon case and fixed bezel. The case houses a skeleton dial which displays an automatic flyback chronograph, this was originally designed for racing purposes. The instant return of the counter to zero makes it possible to quickly restart the stopwatch function. This sits on a red rubber strap with a titanium deployment buckle.

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