Patek Philippe Calatrava With a New Design & Movement

Introducing it’s 90th year, Patek Philippe have just unveiled a major update both inside and out with the Calatrava “Clous De Paris” Ref. 6119, or in a simplified form, the Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119. Produced in 18ct white gold and 18ct 5N rose gold, the hobnail finished Calatrava now features a more contemporary veneer as well as a slightly larger diameter and a dial with applied hour markers. Not to mention the completely new hand-wound movement.

The Calatrava requires little introduction as it already comfortably ranks among the world’s most luxury dress watches available. This collection had since 1932 to establish that position. They featured flat or slightly rounded bezels, polished with great delicacy and set with precious stones. Or another option for the bezel is  decorated with guilloché, with presentations from ultra-thin to more pronounced. This was finished with officer’s cases and sleek dials.

The reference number pays tribute to 1985’s 3919 and the 5119 of 2006. This distinguishes itself mainly with the slightly larger diameter of 39 mm. The case thickness is 8.43mm, the measurement from one lug to the other is 46.9mm and the lugs are 21mm apart. Patek Philippe says “It reflects the changing preferences of our era and emphasises its presence on the wrist without compromising the slender elegance of its case.” I am sure Patek Philippe have carefully assessed their client’s expectations from the next Calatrava. This most recent example certainly caught my eye much more than many of the previous Calatrava watches.

The round bezel is decorated with a guilloché hobnail pattern called clous de Paris. It is a rather rugged-looking pattern that, precisely for its pyramid-like attributes actually works like magic with the sophisticated and refined curves of the new lugs and the simple, round face. The dial now features obus-style hour markers that complement the hobnail bezel rather beautifully.

Powering the new Calatrava 6119R and 6119G watches is what Patek Philippe calls a “totally new movement.” Patek Philippe’s goal was to create a hand-wound movement with a larger diameter than caliber 215 PS while being slim enough to keep case thickness in mind. The Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119 has a sapphire crystal case back to display the new caliber.

The Price for the Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119 ranges from £22,700 to £22,770 Ref. 6119G-001 in white gold and  6119R-001 in 5N red gold.

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