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Stand Out Luxury Watches That Do Not Fit the General Mold

When you think of luxury watches, what thoughts first come to mind? The mechanics designed to maintain perfect time, the shine of the expertly polished finish, the exceptionally crafted time face are all a part of the luxury watch experience, but what about those who choose to stand out of the crowd and prefer something a bit more unusual? If you are among the unconventional luxury watch enthusiasts, here are just a few options to consider. 


For those that want to stand out with their timepieces, MB&F is a great choice. These watches maintain the high-end luxury feel you crave while providing a unique, more steampunk style appeal. Each design in the MB&F collection is truly a masterpiece to behold and are even given names that evoke images of fast cars and machined technology. Names such as Sidewinder, Thunderbold, and Can-Am are just a few of the offerings from MB&F. Featured in the picture below is the MB&F HM4-Ti Thunderbolt just to give you an idea of the level of unique design these luxury watches feature.

URwerk UR-111C

Upon looking at the Urwerk UR-11C, it does not even look like an actual watch, but a transponder from some futuristic sci-fi movie. However, this remarkable timepiece has been exceptionally crafted down to the very last detail. What is missing, at first glance is the traditional clock face, but once you begin to realize that all the necessities for telling time are within the piece, it all begins to come together. Among the most striking features of this luxury watch is the appearance of the second counter. Instead of traditional hands, the Urwerk UR-111C features an alternating set of hands that count off the seconds. Additionally, the watch features a linear crown centrally located within the piece parallel to its winding stem. This watch is certainly one that will bring on curious looks and allow you to stand out in the crowd. 

Harry Winston Opus 14

Few luxuries watch mix luxury with a bit of whimsy. The Harry Winston Opus 14 is unique in its ability to maintain notoriety as a true luxury watch with more of a fun demeanor. The mechanics if this remarkably unique piece is reminiscent of a simpler time in life featuring a predominant time face seemingly robbed from a 1950s automobile. Additional chrome accents and rock and roll style attributes evoke images of an old-style jukebox making this luxury watch more than just a timepiece, but a piece of history as well. 

Devon Tread 2

The Devon Tread 2 is another unconventional luxury watch that does not maintain the traditional watch face but relies on a more mechanical analog-style design in which time ticks away along with a vertical scrolling device. Make no mistake about it however, even though this watch may look outdated to those desiring the digital approach, it is certainly up to the challenge of keeping perfect time. Ticking away beneath the surface of the Devon Tread 2 are ruby bearings, precision-cut to maintain optimal time and functionality with minimal maintenance required and ultimate durability well in hand. 

Jacob & Company Astronomia Solar Planets

If a bit of a more playful nature is what you are after, then out of this world experience of the Jacob & Company Astronomia Solar Planets watch is perfect. This is certainly not your average luxury watch and the mechanics that have gone into this remarkable timepiece are simply unparalleled by other unique style watches. If you are an astronomy lover this watch is perfect for you. Its time face features the planets laid out along a starlit background and these perfectly manufactured planet aspects are not merely for show. They move within the piece as the time ticks away giving off a unique and heavenly show. Jacob & Company has done a remarkable job of putting together a timepiece with beauty and a unique design throughout. 

Christophe Claret X-Trem-1

Conventional watch design does not fit with the business model for Christoph Claret and the X-Trem-1 is certainly no exception to that rule. Polished luxury and out in front interior mechanics set this unique luxury watch apart from other designs. Another out of the ordinary design feature is the cylindrical tubes located on either side of the watch face. As time moves steadily ahead, the steel balls within these tubes denote the time along the time face. The Christophe Claret X-Trem-1 is a true testament of luxury and remarkable design for the modern world. 

Luxury watches are among the best investments you can make in your lifetime. Even though the watches featured here are a bit unconventional, they are no less luxurious and amazingly crafted pieces of wearable art. Invest in your high-end luxury watch today and enjoy all the esteem that goes along with it. 

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