Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.


– Where do I stand if my watch develops a fault?
Every watch purchased with us comes with a mandatory 12-month warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty, to assist in giving our customers peace of mind.
– Have you got a returns policy?
With every purchase, your watch will come with a sealed tag, once the seal is broken we no longer accept returns.
– Is the watch genuine?
All of our watches undergo a thorough legitimacy procedure by one of our highly trained legitimacy experts, this includes looking over each watch under high magnification both inside and out, along with cross-referencing our watches with the brands official records.
– Can I claim VAT back?
In most situations you will not be able to claim back VAT, our advisers will make you aware upon purchase if this is an option, but do feel free to enquire before purchasing.
– Do you offer finance?
We do offer a finance option, please see our finance terms and conditions page to see if you will be applicable for financing.
– Can you find me a specific watch?
Yes, we pride ourselves in our exclusive network amongst other traders in the industry, allowing us to offer you a bespoke service, sourcing your perfect timepiece.
– Can I part exchange a watch?
Yes. Please see our part exchange page to assist on part exchanges, or feel free to give our office a call where one of our representatives will be able to point you in the right direction.
– Why is the RRP price lower than your listing price?
Limited watches can easily command a higher market value to both buying and selling. The demand on the market inclines us to offer a higher price to source and acquire these timepieces, due to this the listing price can exceed the RRP.
– Will the watch fit my wrist?
Before purchasing a watch we will request the size of your wrist, to help assist us on making sure your next investment will be perfect for you. Alongside this, we can also offer additional links and bracelets to be purchased if necessary.

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