Attributes of a Luxury Watch

What Makes These Time Pieces Truly Exceptional

Luxury watches can be found throughout the world. These impeccably designed time pieces are made with amazing care and capture the imagination of the wearer as well as those surrounding them. Every watch cannot be called a luxury watch and knowing whether your watch is of the luxury sector or simply average is important. Luxury watches are symbols of status and sophistication and if you want a true luxury time piece, these are some of the attributes to look for. 

The Movement

A watch is not simply a way to tell time. When designed for luxury use, precision matters. The watch must keep impeccable time at all times and that is the job of the movement. In the most general sense, the average watch maker simply places a generic movement inside the time piece as it is the outside that will garner the most attention. Although some lower end companies will choose to modify the movements they received, they often remain average and unremarkable. 

When a luxury time piece is being made, there is no room for a generic movement. Luxury brands tend to fashion their own movements for each, individual watch to ensure the utmost in quality and time keeping capabilities. Everything is accomplished in house crafted by expert watch makers. Rolex is the only exception to this rule as Switzerland does have one semi-automated production company within Rolex. They make movements on a larger, but still limited scale to keep production times down. 

The Crystal

Any watch face requires some form of protection to maintain the interior components of the watch. However, simply placing a piece of glass over the watch face is not what a luxury watch is about. The crystal chosen for a luxury watch is carefully inspected for high quality. Some luxury watch brands rely on mineral glass or plexiglass components, but for the true luxury watch maker, only Sapphire Crystal will do. 

Additionally, not merely the evidence of Sapphire glass is enough to determine the true luxury nature of a watch. Both synthetic and natural sapphire class crystals can be manufactured, so you must be sure it is natural sapphire glass on your luxury watch. The best and most luxurious watch manufacturers take the crystal just a bit further by applying an anti-reflective treatment to both sides of the watch face. This ensures the time can be seen perfectly from any angle without a glare. This attribute is noted as a Double AR Coating. 

Overall Construction

When a luxury watch is being made, there are no assembly lines pumping out 20 watches each minute. The piece is carefully constructed by hand with each intricate piece put in its ideal place within the watch casing. Subsequently, the watch casing is another construction matter. 

A luxury watch casing often consists of very few pieces. The casing is most notably made from a single piece of metal to ensure there are not stress points to break. Construction in this manner also allows for a much lighter feel to the piece. Some people make the mistake of thinking a luxury watch should be heavy, when in fact, luxury materials such as titanium, when constructed properly for a watch casing, are remarkably light. 

Bracelet and Closure

The correct fit is highly important for a luxury watch. Luxury watches are made to fit the wrist closely. Therefore, the closure system is very important. General watches simply have an average clasp that works but does not offer any real customization opportunities for the wearer. Wrists are different sizes and a luxury watch is made to ensure a comfortable fit for the wrist, so the clasp system must be made to be adjustable. Most luxury watch bracelets include a double or even a triple clasp closure system. 

A Signature

Fake luxury watches are a problem, but signatures often help distinguish a fake from an authentic luxury timepiece. Although there are many tells when it comes to spotting a fake, the signature of the piece is an excellent indicator. Like any good artist, the watchmaker will sign their piece upon completion, but on a luxury watch, this signature is not merely in one place. There are actually 4 places a signature should be, depending on the brand of watch. A luxury watch depicts the signature at the buckle, crown, watch face, and the case back. 

Luxury watches are crafted to be exceptional in every sense of the word. Unlike generalized time pieces, luxury watches are made individually and comprised of some of the highest quality materials on the market. Having a luxury watch lets people know you enjoy the finer things and life and that you value time on a truly luxury level. When you time is valuable, only the best luxury time piece should grace your wrist.

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