A Watch is Not Just a Watch

How Luxury Watches Are a True Investment

Watches are made in an almost endless variety. There are watches made for divers, travelers, and even for average people just going through their day to day lives. Many take a watch for granted, but for those that value luxurious items, a luxury watch is an investment. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a luxury watch, get ready to jump sides. A luxury watch is a true investment and here are just a few reasons why. 

Steeped in Beautiful History

Luxury watches we know and love today range drastically in style, design, and brand, but one certain thing is that the history of luxury watches is a spectacular one. It all started with a shift from general pocket watches to that of the wrist variety. Rolex was among the first to introduce the luxury watch that enabled the wearer to keep track of the time without taking the watch from their pocket every time. Additionally, these timepieces were not just for telling time but became a true status symbol among business people, servicemen, and luxurious ladies throughout the world. 

The designs have changed throughout the years, but the status remains apparent with so many young professionals investing in their own luxury watches. From Cartier to Philippe Patek and many other luxury watch brands, the history surrounding luxury watches is rich and the future of these spectacular time pieces is truly bright. 

Passed from Generation to Generation

Although medical science has drastically improved our overall lifespan in virtually every country throughout the world, they have yet to discover exactly how to make a human life forever. The human body still wears out, but unlike the frailty of human existence, luxury watches are made to last for not merely years, but generations to come. Through specialized techniques and amazingly durable materials, luxury watches can be passed from one generation to the next with ease. 

Once we have left our physical bodies and have moved onto the great beyond, we do not want to be quickly forgotten. Leaving your luxury watch for the next generation to enjoy is among the best way to ensure you are never forgotten and a keen way to entice future generations to invest in luxury watches as well. These timepieces are built to last and with so many new models coming out annually, it will be wonderful for future generations to have a design from years gone by and cherish it just as the original owner once did. 

Attention to Detail

What sets a luxury watch apart from other standard watch varieties is the attention to detail brought forth by the watchmaker. These watches are not made on an assembly line as with other brands but made individually which adds to the cost and the overall custom nature of their designs. The watchmaker will painstakingly add in gears and adjust the watch until it maintains the perfect time. No detail is ever overlooked in the design of a luxury watch. 

Designed by True Artisans

Art is a relative term and it certainly changes from one generation to the next, but the artist remains forever tied to the piece. We can go to a gallery and stand for hours looking at Van Gogh’s or Rembrandts. Their paintings are unique and reminiscent of specific times in artistic history, but the same notion can be stated about luxury watches. 

It is important to remember that luxury watchmaking is not true science, but more of an art form. The watchmaker acts as a true artist as they include unique attributes that make the watch unique and timeless. Although the interior of the watch is something of amazement with each piece working in perfect time with one another just millimeters apart, it is the artistic touches on the outside of the watch that first catch the eye. The inclusion of precious stones, rubies, and classic sapphire crystal on protecting the interior components is what makes the watch unique and provides an avenue for artistic expression for the artist making the piece. 

Why Buy a Luxury Watch?

The choice to purchase a luxury watch these days is an easy one. As stated above, they are art pieces, easy and fashionable enough to pass down throughout the ages, and their impeccable timekeeping ability is simply unmatched. However, these attributes may not have convinced you just yet, but one attribute of a luxury watch that is highly attractive is that many of these models do not merely maintain their value, but can actually increase it over time. 

Luxury watches are made in limited quantities or by a designer that has since passed on carrying significant value over the course of their life. Investing in a luxury watch is a smart thing to do and if you have been on the fence about buying your perfect luxury watch, it is time to pick sides and dive right in. Luxury is out there and it is found in your perfect luxury timepiece. 

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