3 Favourite Vintage Timepieces

Rolex GMT Master II Root beer

Rolex released it’s first GMT watch in 1954 ref. 6542. This was the blue and red bezel. Rolex has released a number of different bezel colours since then, but one combination that stands out and that has acquired a particular fan base with high appreciation among the watch community, especially collectors is the Rolex Root Beer. 

ROLEX, GMT-MASTER "ROOT BEER," REF. 1675, | Christie's

1954 Patek Phillipe Chronograph

The 1954 Chronograph, an extremely rare timepiece reference 530. This model finished with 18K yellow gold to compliment the delicate dial sized at 36mm. slightly bigger than the typical chronograph from this period, this is an excellent manual masterpiece.

1954 Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref 530 Watch For Sale - Mens Vintage  Chronograph

Audemars Piguet Triple Calendar with Moon phase

Audemars Piguet have worked on some stunning timepieces since the begging of their production in 1875. This triple calendar in particular stands out to us due to its timeless style appropriate for both formal and casual wear. However due to there only being four of these masterpieces produced between 1926 and 1930, therefore it’s unlikely you’ll see one on a wrist. Each four timepieces have a unique dial and this one in particular (image source: Hodinkee) is admired because of the three-tone dial.

GMT Master II, Moon phase, Patek Philippe, rolex, Vintage

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